Paying Tribute To All Our Farm Dogs

August 26th is National Dog Day!

Everywhere you turn at the farm, you'll see friendly faces. Some peacefully sleeping in the balmy sun, others playing on the greens or staring at you through beautiful eyes, asking to be loved.

Way back when things were just beginning at Flora Farms, Mama Dog and her 5 puppies came to live with us. That would be the beginning of our joy in housing the sickest, oldest or biggest Los Cabos dogs that were typically considered unadoptable. Working closely with Baja SAFE, we're always on the hunt for more puppy love. When visiting the Farm, take a moment to read more about our dog-passion on our placemats. And if you get lucky, you might see Lucky, Sasha, Muñeca and Pecas - our current resident fur-babies.

Today, we pay homage to all our dogs - both past and present.

Here are some of the wonderful dogs that have touched our lives here at the farm…

Placemat honoring our furry friends at Flora’s Field Kitchen:

placemat_perro (002) - Copiar.jpg