Cheers To International Beer Day

Friday, August 2nd

It’s easy to find a cold, refreshing pint of craft beer at Flora Farms; our very own microbrewery supplies patrons with thirst-quenching, easy-drinking styles that are perfect for the warm Cabo weather. One of the more recent Flora Farms additions, La Micro Brewery was founded by Brewmaster Alan Bojorquez who is dedicated to producing traditional, organic craft beer. Bojorquez is 100% committed to producing beer in the most traditional, yet sustainable way. Which made his choice of setting up shop within Flora Farms a match made in philosophical heaven. 

All beers created at La Micro Brewery are made in small batches, to ensure a level of artisanal quality that is virtually impossible to find elsewhere in the Baja.

La Micro Brewery is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm and visitors are welcome to venture in at no cost to learn more about their craft.

A variety of styles are created at the brewery, with the classic styles represented, always refreshing and light bodied.

To celebrate the Summer season, La Micro Brewery has some unique flavors on offer:

  1. Organic Summer Blondie - A light & refreshing beer with citrusy hop aroma.

  2. La Peliroja Organica - This is a joint collaboration with Baja Brewing. Their classes Red Ale, made using all organic ingredients and processes.

  3. Bee Organic Honey - This id a dark lager with a tough of organic honey from the farm - easy to drink with a hint of sweetness at the end that will surely have you ordering another!

And so today especially, on National Beer Day, we raise a glass to Alan and his team, for their dedication to tradition, sustainable best practices and quality beer!