Salt Of The Earth Comes In Many Flavors

Now available at the Grocery on the Farm is our hand-crafted selection of cooking salts. 

Our hand-made salts are made at the Farm, and the flavors will be dependent on what is being cultivated at the time of production. 

The majority of our salts are created using citrus’s and/or herbs from our own fields. 

Here’s a roll call of our current homemade salt offerings:

Hibiscus Salt - You Hibiscus Margarita lovers out there will instantly recognize this batch as it’s what we use to rim your cocktail glass. #saltoftheearthtip - Our Hibiscus Salt is also delicious when combined with goats cheese and honey.

Habanero Salt - As you might expect, this salt blend provides an intense spicy kick to your food preparations

Lime & Rosemary Salt - Is your mouth watering at the thought of adding this salt to roast potatoes? I know mine certainly is! 

Thyme & Lime Salt - This lovely combination is a hit with any type of broth or roasted poultry.

Chipotle & Orange Salt - This may sound odd, but this flavorful salt blend works a treat on any kind of meat.

Ultimately these salts make for a perfect gift or a staple in your kitchen because they are so versatile. Check out these Salt Of The Earth offerings while supplies last!