New Store at the Farm!

Welcome Eclectic Array to the "Shops at Flora Farms" family!

Visit us and find the best selection of Mexican clothes, jewelry and accesories.

About Eclectic Array:

Eclectic Array’s Mission is embracing artisans to create unique handmade products, connecting artisans with consumers and transforming lives across Mexico.

We have incredibly talented artisans across various regions of Mexico, whom all make beautiful items and to see that mass production from overseas had taken over and was hurting the autonomy of our artisan community in Mexico, leaving many with even less work than they had before.

Our concept was inspired by Kiva, a non-profit organization that specializes in “micro-finance loans” given globally to individuals in poverty that are seeking small scale entrepreneurship opportunities. In layman’s terms, that is when you give small monetary amounts as a loan, maybe $100-$1,000 USD and that is given at 0% interest (or a very small interest rate) to empower someone in poverty to improve their lives through entrepreneurship. They can use that money to start a business or grow their business and they take pride in paying back the loan. It is the mentality of “teach a man to fish” - as opposed to a handout that someone may not even appreciate. Through Eclectic Array, we wanted to make a difference in a similar way, giving individuals the opportunity to support these individuals that were great artisans, through their purchase power, which in turn makes a difference in the lives of artisans and for their families to rise above their current economic situation.