Own your own Flora Farms Donkey!

These fiberglass life-sized Donkeys are part of a project led by Flora Farms and inspired by Pez Gordo Gallery. We have partnered with 6 talented local artists and 6 local charities and 100% of the proceeds  will go to the charities.

The donkeys are ready for a new home! $1,500 usd each | For more information please contact cecilia@flora-farms.com

FLORENTINO, by artist Jane Lilico

“My inspiration for ‘Florentino’, is a real live burro who lives down by the estuary in San Jose. I wanted him to be androgynous, ethereal, and substantial, with an Old World / Mexican fusion of flavor. Complete with a floral wreath, especially for the launch of the donkeys on Dia de Muertos at Flora Farms. I hope he finds a forever “family” who will love him as much as I do.”

ROSALINDA, by artist Tanya Talamante

“Rosalinda is the treat donkey. She brings the treats anywhere she goes. Her friend the bull guides her anywhere there is a need for a fiesta! Rosalinda loves to entertain so you will see her in her blanc dancing shoes, as well as tools to install anything that is needed.  Rosalinda also has eyes all over her body and that… mean good luck!”.

HESHEBE, by artist Francois Paris

“MUTINY...The story of the donkey who wants to become a unicorn..This piece is about acceptance and respecting others right and freedom they have to choose to be who or what ever they want to be...Respect Others Freedom to choose".

TRAVELER, by artist Misty Martin

Misty Martin’s photo realistic paintings reflect a signature style that is uniquely her own. Her favorite subject areas include architectural ornamentation, distressed urban/industrial infrastructure, neon signage, and the juxtaposition of light and shadow. Born and raised in rural Oklahoma, Misty is entirely self-taught. With her keen powers of observation and her passion for
excellence in artistic expression Misty has produced an impressive body of work that is now internationally represented and widely collected- with over 40 exhibitions under her belt, Misty has paintings in countless private and public collections including in the permanent collection of the Tate Museum in London.

DON RICARDO, by artist Jaznum Fragoso

“Don Ricardo always went by my house and with great pleasure I would greet him mounted on his donkey on his way to Milpa … I do not know how long the donkey lived but I saw the donkey and Don Ricardo for more than 20 years. I dedicate this piece to Don Ricardo's donkey…”

DONKEY, by artist Ximena Sophia

“The name I chose is Donkey, simply because it is what it is. I tried to represent the balance between light and shadow, and how they need each other to create dimensions. The color that comes out from this is the consequence of the creative process, and gives life to the whole idea”.