The original restaurant was called “ Café Flora”. It was the first little organic restaurant in Cabo. When Gloria Greene opened Flora, it became clear that there were not many truly organic vegetables available, so she and her husband Patrick Greene founded Flora Farms in 1996 to supply the restaurant with the best ingredients. At the farm, the Greene family founded the farmers’ market along with John Graham, offering breakfast and hosting some of the first charity events for the humane society. Soon enough, executive chefs from some of Cabo’s most exclusive resorts sought them out, having heard that Gloria and Patrick were growing premium organic and heirloom vegetables. When Chicago’s renowned Charlie Trotter opened his restaurant “C” at Cabo’s The One & Only Palmilla resort, it was the first to procure the farm’s produce. Guillermo Tellez, who worked for Trotter in Chicago, was named Trotter’s head chef at “C”, and got to know The Greene’s via their earlier restaurant, Flora, then by supplying “C” with vegetables and meats from the farm. Chef Trotter and Chef Tellez provided the Greene’s their first “by request” list of particular vegetable varieties to grow that were heirloom and organic, specifically for “C”.

Eventually Cafe Flora itself was closed, but the dream of being able to cook right on the farm where the superb organic produce grew was hatched.


The Greene’s became good friends with Chef Guillermo and Leslie Tellez, who are now Flora Farm’s Executive Chef and Executive Pastry Chef, respectively. When “C” restaurant at The One & Only Palmilla closed, the Tellez’s moved back to Chicago, and sadly, Charlie Trotter passed away.

A few years went by, and the Greene’s reconnected with Guillermo and Leslie, persuaded them to come back to Cabo and join the Flora Farm team. And what a team they make.

The current Flora’s Field Kitchen restaurant at the farm opened in 2010, having been open for business previously, providing cooking classes, private dinners and charity events..

As the farm grew, other internationally-known chefs, like Jean-Georges Vongerichten and others, who opened luxury resort dining rooms sought the farm’s products, until Flora’s Field Kitchen itself became so well-received that it had to keep all that the farm and ranch could produce for its own kitchens! There is still a farm grocery market for guests of Flora’s Field Kitchen, The Culinary Cottages and retail, that offers Flora Farm produce, meats and charcuterie from the ranch, and fine pastry items and daily artisanal breads from the farm bakery. Everything is still organically grown, and ranch animals are humanely raised, hormone-and-antibiotic-free.





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