Flora Farms Grocery

Flora Grocery is stocked with our produce, meats like our own ham, bacon, sausages, chicken and roasts, eggs, breads, house made bagels, sweets, like cakes and cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, candies, pickled goods, sauces, dressings and preserves. Our vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit are all picked fresh daily.

The Grocery also offers fresh juice drinks made from our delicious organic produce.

Our artisan breads are baked each morning in the wood-burning oven, and we grow, butcher and cure our own meats.

Prepared foods are available to go seasonally, including sandwiches, grain salads and handcrafted pastas.  The Grocery also offers a selection of crafts from local artisans including lead-free clay bean pots and candles.


Cooking Classes

Chef Guillermo Tellez

Chef Guillermo Tellez

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