See the Model Before it's Closed to the Public Forever.

In late 2017, the moment arrived; where the Culinary Cottages' model home closed its doors to the public forever. For those who missed the opportunity to see it, we have some fantastic news... For a limited time and as a courtesy to Flora Farms' patrons, you can now schedule your private Walk-Through of the new, coveted, and handcrafted hillside Haylofts model home.

Normally closed to the General Public, schedule here to enjoy a private Walk-Through, including a brief tour of the new hillside Haylofts model and private areas within the communities and on the farm. 

Sorry, pricing and purchasing details are presented only to those who have received a Private Invitation.

Available Farm Tour dates and subsequent tour times are shown in bold. Dates not in bold and times not shown, are not available.