About the "Interactive Painting Classes"

Anna Klimmek* and her family took a painting class at the farm with Francois Paris last March. This is what she wrote about her experience… We loved how she described the entire process and we thought you will enjoy it too!

“I’m going to be really honest.  I am not a fan of painting.  I’m a chef and my art is on my plate.  My daughter and mother however LOVE to paint, draw, decoupage, collage, and what’s the thing where you break ceramics and then paste them onto furniture?  Well they love that too.  NOT my jam.  However, my daughter and I were on vacation in Los Cabos visiting my mom who lives on the East Cape and those two LOVE an art class.  When we travel together, we move as a trio all pushing each other to try different interests.  I like beach camping, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and water activities.  None of which require sitting or paint.  

Flora Farms happens to be our friendly neighborhood restaurant and in my not so humble opinion the best eats and atmosphere in the whole Cabo area.  I request at least one visit, maybe more every time we come down. So when my mom said she found a painting class at Flora Farms I conceded to going because at least if I had to sit and paint they I would get to do it at one of my most favorite venues in town. Plus, there was guaranteed to be good food there…you can see what motivates me. 

As we take our ten-minute drive over, my palms start to sweat. I’m not kidding, I have a serious fear of making art and ask if there will be cocktails there.  The class started at 9am.  Both frowned at the idea and I guess I was going to have to go at this unadulterated. As we arrived, we were greeted with coffee and pastries. Normally I don’t touch pastries, but this is Flora Farms and my rules are different here.  I had three.  If I couldn’t drink, I mine as well eat!  

François our instructor takes our class of twelve to a sweet little private patio where there are more pastries and a wide array of paint.  A beautiful set of colors, to which I think, “I have no idea what to do with that.” But, I remain quite as not to draw attention to myself, and it’s hard to talk when you have a tartlet in your mouth.   

François explains that he is going to open our creativity and to put all of our preconceived notions of art aside.  Wait, I already decided that I could probably pull off a sunflower with a blue background.  Simple…I’m not so sure about dropping preconceived notions.  But, since they were all pretty negative to start, I might as well drop them.  So, all together under the shade of umbrellas on our private patio, Francois presents us with 12 blank canvases all separate but connected.  We are each instructed to make lines across the whole  canvas.  Streight lines, swirly lines, squiggles, whatever!  In the name of dropping preconceived notions I created two giant slashes in great dramatic fashion. Others added theirs and each had a moment of artistic demonstration.  Then Francois explained that most people enjoy a piece of art because they like the color.  We were instructed to each choose a color that, “raised our vibration,”  that’s arty for, “pick a color you like.” I chose electric purple, because that is what a vibration looks like to me.  

François and his assistant proceeded to fill in the spaces between the lines with the colors that we chose. We then had to find shapes with-in those colors.  A boy pointed out a penguin, which sort of morphed into a parrot and then other birds formed and we found some fish, a tree and a river.  Hey, I was even participating.  Francois outlined our shapes and gave them some structure.  Then took apart the twelve canvases and as individuals we were tasked with adding texture and fun to our little part of the whole painting.  It said it reminded me of how in English class we used to build a story off of each other’s sentences. One person starting out the story with a sentence and the next person added to it creating twists and turns that were entirely unexpected yet so much more fun!

 Wait, was I getting into this??  I felt like the expectations were completely tossed to the wayside and since I was just playing with color on a little square that didn’t really look like much of anything on its own. There wasn’t any pressure.  When the time was up, we all put our paintings back together and we got to see each other’s creations!  Not knowing really knowing who did what, there was no star of the class, no amazing painter, just an open space to explore.  Francois really did achieve his goal in opening up creativity!  And in the end, I had fun!  Like actual, a little more confidence, I would do this again, FUN.  

Then of course as promised, and what I really came for was lunch.  A lovely array of sandwiches on house made bread, a gorgeous salad from the garden and house made potato chips.  Though I didn’t really need it anymore, I celebrated with one of my all-time favorite, top 10 best cocktails of all time the Smoky Mezcal Margarita.  After lunch our paintings had dried and we all got to bring home our square! A good time was had by all…even me!”

*Anna Klimmek is a Wellness & Culinary Specialist // anniklimmek.com // @anni_klimmek