Traditional Mountain Earthware

Available at the farm's Grocery

Being so minute in size that it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, it’s amazing that something so purposeful and traditional could emerge from a place like La Candelaria.

Nestled in the mountains of the Baja Peninsula, this tiny community has managed to reinforce some cultural heritage with the production of traditional mountain earthenware.


A dear friend of the farm stumbled upon the creational process of this earthenware in her travels around Mexico and took it upon herself to teach the artistry to the La Candelaria community.

So she became the leader of this project and coached local women on how to create these clay pots that were indigenous to the region, but in doing so she has managed to stimulate a micro-economy for her neighbors in this small town. Even more inspiring is her passion to ensure that the demand for these handmade items grows. With that being said, Flora Farms is honored to include Lynda’s Traditional Mountain Earthware to our selective offerings.

Even though these handmade pots are made in the hills of the Baja from local clay, they can still be assigned with the modern term ‘Multi-purpose’ as they can be used in an oven, stove or for serving purposes.

Hand-crafted by locals using earth from the Baja, then fired in an above ground kiln, these clay pots will help to serve up some wonderful nostalgia to anyone who has the pleasure of cooking with them.

Lorna, at her house in La Candelaria. Photography  LA76

Lorna, at her house in La Candelaria. Photography LA76