Farm Spa

Embracing the soothing atmosphere of a flourishing organic farm, the Farm Spa is nestled amongst papaya trees and the herbs and flowers of the spa garden. The path to the Farm Spa walks you past rows of seasonal produce and flowers, where you can hear birds singing and where you might catch a glimpse of one of our farm dogs napping in the sun.

Our services include massages, herbal soaks, facials, spa manicures & pedicures, men's and women's hair services, and more! As a part of all of our services, we emphasize the healing and restorative properties of nature, using aromatherapy, plant-based products, and our own organic flowers and herbs. Our classes include meditation, yoga, Pilates, and more, all of which take place in our intimate fitness studio. We also offer regular workshops that focus on whole-body wellness where we teach and practice meditation, breathing, nutrition, stretching, aromatherapy, and more.


  • Tuesday, 9am: Intuitive Yoga, 1hr 15 min (Kelly)

  • Wednesday, 9am: Yin Yang Yoga (Kelly)

  • Wednesday, 10:30am: Guided Meditations (Sonja)

  • Thursday, 9am: Functional Movement, 1hr 15 min (Adriana)

Spa Hours

Tuesday through Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 2:30pm
Monday: Closed

GROUP YOGA & FITNESS CLASS available by reservation only.


  • How many treatment rooms do you have? How many people can receive treatments at the same time?
    We have two treatment rooms to accommodate Massage or Facial-meaning we can only accommodate two massages OR facials at a time.

  • Do you offer couples massages?
    No, we do not offer couples massages. We do not have a treatment room large enough for two massage tables.

  • How many soaking tubs do you have?
    We have one outdoor soaking tub which was originally designed for one person. Some couples choose to enjoy the experience together, but it is not a large tub. The outdoor tub is located in a private patio with a daybed and an outdoor shower.

  • Is the pool open to spa guests?
    No, the pool is not a part of the spa and is considered private property. Pool use is exclusive to our Culinary Cottage and Hayloft owners.

  • Do you have a sauna or steam room?
    No we do not have a sauna, steam room, or hot tub. Instead, we have a beautiful patio overlooking acres of organic gardens-a great place to relax before, after, or in-between treatments.

  • Are there showers available for use for after spa treatments?
    Yes, we one shower in each men and women’s restroom. There are also private changing areas and vanity areas in both restrooms.


Cooking Classes


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