Try our Delicious Farm Raised Chop at Flora Farms!

The Greene´s began ranching to supply the Field Kitchen and Grocery with high quality humanely raised chicken, eggs, pork and beef. Our longtime partner, "Jefe" Guadalupe Espinoza, has been raising animals his whole life in Santa Anita on the 150-acre ranch his father Don Manuel purchased in the 1960s. Jefe Lupe has always cared about the conditions his animals were raised in and we have worked together to set up a sustainable ranching operation. We irrigate areas to provide vegetation for shade and foraging, and as they grow all animals are provided open area to scratch, roll and dig. Our feeds are all vegetable with no hormones or antibiotics and they are milled fresh every 2 weeks.

The chops are thick cut, brined and then cooked in our wood burning oven. Served with a tomato chutney and roasted potatoes.



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