Movie Nights are Back at Flora Farms!!!!


Join us For Saturday Night Movie
on the Lawn at Flora Farm!

We will be offering our House Made Charcuterie Picnic for two with a bottle of wine, $400 pesos
 or Pick up a Pizza and 
Enjoy the Movie. Bring: Blanket, Chair, and Enjoy! Movie Starts at Dark thirty!
Concession stand will be up and running!

 Let us know your planning on coming:

This Saturday Robin Hood with Errol Flynn

What a strange and different movie this might have been had it starred Jimmy Cagney, as was originally planned. Happily his suave and seductive replacement Errol Flynn made the part his own and the movie still stands as one of the most energetic and likable swashbucklers of Hollywood's prewar heyday. Fine-tuned for endless thrills and maximum entertainment value, Robin Hood shows the Warner Brothers house style at its best, with every part, small or large, perfectly cast with
one or another of the studio's contract players: Alan Hale as a rambunctious Little John, Eugene Pallette as a gravel-voiced Friar Tuck, Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the breathily virginal Oliva de Havilland as a winsome Maid Marian.



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